A complete Vacation Safety tips for your home for seniors

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Home Safety tips when going on vacation

I’m going to share with you my best tips ever on how to burglar proof your home while you are away and will talk about the best way to secure your home while you’re on vacation or when you are just not at home.

Secure your Front Door

The front door is your front entry to any property and what you want is getting an excellent high-security lock system. There are many options available in the market, but I would recommend getting one of these.

There are many reasons to recommend this, and some of them are as follows:

  • It comes with a one-touch locking method: This door lock comes with two backup physical keys in case you ever require. Secured keyless access advantage for your workplaces, house or rental properties. The exceptional algorithm reshuffles numbers after each use and prevents other people from copying the smart signal, keeping your home safe. Touchscreen keypad is going to probably be disabled after three wrong attempts and can only be triggered by entering the correct code twice. Auto-lock, and also one-touch locking method provide enhanced safety whenever you are at home or outside.
  • FAMILY SHARING WITH EKEYS: Each family member could obtain their smart code for easy entry. It was made to make ‘home security’ a top priority and to reassure you. Track when your children or relatives are home. Grant access to guests and other people by sharing e-Keys with unique schedules utilizing the completely free Lockly Smart Lock app.
  • CONTROL ACCESS AND MONITORING: Works on both the iOS and Android devices. This safety lock will track unlock history by every user 24/7 and shops in the app for your review. Push alerts will be sent to you once your friends/guests check-in. Now, you’ll know precisely who and when people are entering your business or possessions. When utilizing the digital keys, there’s not any need for you to requesting back the bodily keys out of guests or tenants.
  • EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY AND DIY INSTALLATION: You can start your front door with a 9V battery on the instant battery charging terminal should you forget to replace cells that are dead. Notice: The latch has adjustable backset 2 3⁄8″ or 2 3⁄4″ to match all standard doors. (Please check your doorway dimensions before buying this intelligent lock). You can find the installation guide, user guide and specification sheet under Technical Specification section for extra details.

These Provide maximum safety 

These are the most innovative keyless entry for offices and homes powered by PIN Genie. Lock and unlock your door with your telephone, electronic keypad, physical essential, as well as your fingerprint.

Give keyless entrance to family members, friends, and other house service suppliers without stressing lost keys. Easily add and reverse access with all our cellular program.

Even the Lockly Secure Smart Lock divides in too many doors around 2″ in depth and functions with left-wing and proper swing doors.

The keypad randomly spreads numbers 0-9 to four switches and all amounts reshuffle after every time of usage, making it impossible for other people to understand and utilize your codes.

Engineered and constructed with heavy-duty aluminum alloy, stainless metal and telescopic vinyl with unique scratch resistant coating for improved safety, connectivity, aesthetics, and durability.


The Secure Latch Edition may match any standard doorway from 1 3⁄8″ to 2″ Thick for right and left swing doors. It is very important to follow installation setup directions to plan the lock to function for right or left swing doors.

Whatever you need is contained to set up your brand new Smart Lock. All you will need is a screwdriver and drill (when necessary for new doorways ) to complete your setup. Even the Lockly Secure Latch Edition includes the newest smart lock screws, screws, hit plate, meeting, and a fresh latch assembly.

You may check out the product Here.

Add extra security to the Front door

You may want to modify the actual frame of your front door by adding a better strike plate that reinforces the door Jam. It takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to install, but that will give you peace of mind if someone tries to kick the door, this will give him the hardest time of his life!

Get a good Video Door Phone Doorbell system

One of the essential home safety tips when going on a vacation and No.1 home safety tips to prevent burglary. While you are on a Vacation or you are out for a couple of days or even at work, and you want to monitor what’s going on in your house, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on CCTV or such cameras that you are paying monthly Fees, Consider getting the Ring Video Doorbell Pro


The reason I love them is due to the following wonderful features:

  • Works using Alexa to illuminate and send announcements to Echo devices as soon as your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, letting you hear and speak to people with two-way conversation
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet computer, and PC
  • Sends alarms as soon as movement is detected or when people press on the Doorbell
  • Requires hardwired installation to existing doorbell wires. Packed with ios, android, mac, and Windows 10 devices
  • Monitors your home in 1080HD movie with infrared night vision
  • Enables you to check on your property at any time with Live View on-demand video. Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi link at 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. Wi-Fi Speeds – warrants a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps, however, 2Mbps is Advised for optimal performance
  • Includes Lifetime Theft Security: In case your Doorbell gets stolen, we’ll replace it for free.

Take Full Control of your Entire House

One of the essential home safety tips when going on a vacation. If you Want to monitor what’s going on your house while you’re on vacation and not just the front door but the back also, there is another awesome device that Ring came up with and they call it the Ring Stick Up Cam

I will not stress on the installation part as it’s just super simple! Everybody can do it; you can watch a youtube video for more information. These are highly recommended due to the following reasons:

  • Monitors indoor or Outside Places in Your House in 1080p HD video and night vision Using a slim design that mounts nearly everywhere
  • Lets you watch, hear and talk to Individuals from the telephone, tablet or a PC
  • Sends Alarms to your device once movement is detected
  • Enables You to check in on your House anytime together with Live View on-demand video
  • Works with Alexa to Start real-time Movie with your voice
  • Connects to the Web via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Comes with all of the tools you Want to install and Install your device in minutes

You may check them out Here.

Install a 3M Window Film

We talked about High-Security Locks, modifying the front door, Security Cameras, and wireless Security cameras. Now I’m going to talk about something completely different. This is not a part of Locksmithing in general, but I always recommend to my readers as additional security.

It’s called 3M Window Film. The 3m safety and security films are used to help fortify glass against intrusion, protection break, and entry bomb blasts as well as natural disasters.

It is much more difficult for somebody to try to get through this as someone tries to break the glass , but they can’t enter the space, so the film is really designed to hold that intruder on the outside of the building for as long as 2 minutes.

Don’t keep too much cash at your house

We talked about High-Security Locks, reinforcement, wireless Security cameras, we talked about 3M Windows Security Film for a glass window. Now I’m going to talk about something Else, if someone really really really Want to break into your property they probably going to do it, the question is how long it’s going to take them?

Let’s say they already Broke in and you have Alarm Service but still it’s going to take time for the police to come over, the security guard or whatever they are sending, by that time whoever broke Into a property probably going to try to find something valuable.

Well, they’re not going to steal TVs and heavy stuff! They’re not going to do it. They probably are going to go to your master bedroom, as they know that people usually hide cash in their master bedroom.

So everything valuable that you have don’t keep it in your master bedroom as they’re gonna search the whole Master bedroom and they will find valuable things you have kept,

So what I recommend is to keep all your hard earned money and valuables with a reputable bank.

Get a Burglary & Fire Proof Safe

If you have some valuable documents such as Passport, birth certificate, social security card or any documents that have your personal information, you will want to keep them inside a safe!

The next thing happens to people when they get burglarized, is identity theft! The worst thing ever. Nobody wants to deal with it and that’s what happens, so, keep your documents safe.

If somebody already broke Into your place, It is not going to be easy to steal your Identity.

I would recommend you to get These as these are super sturdy and adds a tremendous amount of safety to your documents in case of a break-in.

I really hope these tips will help you and if you have any questions, you can write a comment right below.

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