How to make stairs safer for elderly : Helping elderly with stairs

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Elderly and seniors are very much prone to slipping while using stairs and hence, necessary precautionary measures should be taken beforehand.

Stairs have a tendency to get slippery at times, which in turn increases the chances of accidental slips.

But there are some steps that we can take to avoid such fatal accidents caused due to falling down from the stairs. Let us find out how we can safe proof our home stairs from falling and make stairs safer for the elderly.

How to make stairs safer for elderly: Helping elderly with stairs

Ensure adequate lightning: Helping elderly with stairs

There is no rocket science in this. Be it any type of stair at your home or your workplace, it doesn’t matter whether your stairs are short height or taller in nature, you need to provide the area with sufficient lighting.

Often we fail to do this basic thing. We are so much concerned about lights in other parts of our house, but we tend to neglect this basic thing, many a time.

A good option is these.

Ensure proper access to the Switchboards

While using the stairs for going upstairs, you should have easy access to the switch so that you can switch the lights on before you start using the stairs.

Now, when you are done using the stairs, you should have another access point to the switchboard, so that you can now turn the lights off. And again, this also applies when you use the same stairs to go downstairs, so that you may turn them on again.

If you have a storeroom or any type of room in the middle of the stair area, then you should also place a switchboard there as well.

Install proper stair railings: Helping elderly with stairs

The presence of a railing is a must for every stair to ensure maximum safety. You may contact your local furniture vendor who can do the installation for you or you may go for something like this.

If you are looking for a substitute, then you may also opt for a solid bar which can be installed in the wall area adjacent to the stairs. If you are looking for a good looking bar that goes well with any furniture type then you may go for these.

If you are looking out to buy one for the entrance area of your house that goes well with 3-4 stair steps, then you can look out for these ones.

Maintain a uniform length of the stair riser

While building up of any stairs, you should make sure that the each and every step riser of your stairs are of equal height and dimension. Whenever we take a couple of steps of stairs, whether we are going up or coming down, our body gets accustomed to the height of the first few steps, and if there is a mismatch in height in any of the steps, then your chances of getting dis-balanced rises.

If you maintain a 5-inch height of the riser, then every step should be of the same height and length.

Get a Non-Slip Washable Stair Treads Carpet 

Look out for an anti-skid stair carpet with these features: 

Strong Staying Power: That stays Firmly attached to the floor with glue rubber backing that can replace with no reduction of remaining power. No need for anti-slip tape.
Durable Thick Material: Which is of high quality and is made up of a 0.3-inch thick material that gives your loved ones and pets a safer experience. Which includes a durable and stain resistant stair carpet with Blended Jacquard layout.
Convenient To Use: Adhesive rear rubber mat may be used repeatedly with no adhesive mark. In which there is no need for anti-slip tape or extra adhesive.
Which is Easy to Clean: This stair mat could be deciphered readily and be washed by machine or palms without decreasing and deforming.

You may go for these ones. 

Or there’s another option here.

Make sure you clean the stairs properly with a water wash and let the water to dry up completely before applying.

Get a folding Ramp: Helping elderly with stairs

While selecting a good ramp for the elderly, always look out for these features before buying:

Should be GREAT FOR WALKERS, CHAIRS & BIKES: A 4′ x 30″ ramp is excellent for power chairs, mobility scooters, knee scooters, wheelchairs, and bicycles. Little, 4′. Ramps are most appropriate for a 4″ rise or less. Simply lay it across 1 step to allow rolling up to another level. It makes a fantastic temporary or permanent ramp for loading wheelchairs a single step.

A FOLDING BRIEFCASE DESIGN is a Plus: The aluminum ramp should fold in half and features a handle so you can take it like a briefcase. As a result of this ramp’s handy layout, you won’t have to struggle with an embarrassing load because you carry it from your vehicle to your house. That is why a 4′ x 30″ ramp incorporates slip-resistant grip tape so you can get through doors securely whatever the weather. You can even leave it out all year round!

Should be LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: While some ramps come with awkward carrying instances, a ramp’s folding skills and convenient handle make it perfect for transport wherever you require it. It is always a struggle when one measure in a house or public space makes it inaccessible for scooter or wheelchair users. The ramp could not be easier to use and makes life so much simpler when you are out and about!

Should easily FIT IN CARS FOR TRAVEL: You never know when you’ll come across a step that produces a building or home inaccessible. Sometimes a wheelchair user’s own home has single measures across the home that limit access. A ramp is an easy way to solve the issue. Its compact size makes it great for travel! It’s small enough for trunk storage, which means you’ll have the ability to drive it where you need.

You may check out these as they fit in all the above-mentioned pre-requisites and makes a good ramp to buy that can be used on fewer steps.

Conclusion: Stairs are an integral part of any home safety measure and should never be taken lightly. You may minimize any fatal accidents to occur in your stairs if you follow my above guidelines.


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