10 best Products to make life easier for elderly

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Today in this article, I will list down the best innovative products, which are really useful to make life easier for elderly.


Standalone Virtual Reality Headset 


Virtual reality headsets have come a long way and these are no exception. The reason I have included this in my top innovative products for the elderly is that it doesn’t need the use of a smartphone to make it work.

They are portable & simple to use. Experience portable, all-around VR meaning no PC, telephone, wires or hassles.

They have a Built-In Audio: Surrounded by Noise. Spatial audio drivers are built into the headset, providing striking, immersive sound with no need for a bulky or tangled headset. Oculus Move also features a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Oculus Go is a completely different way to watch in VR. With crystal clear optics and advanced 3D images, the headset feels more like a private theater. Simply put it on, switch it on, and revel in the littlest, big screen around.


Watch a picture on a 180″ inch display, catch a sold-out concert from the front, or simply hang out with friends from anyplace.


It is portable, comfortable, and made to be prepared when you are. That means no wires, no PC, and no phone to drop in.

All you have to do sit back, relax, and proceed. Immerse yourself in over 1,000 matches, social apps, experiences and much more.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 mobile platform ensures low power, higher excellent sound, video, and interaction wherever you’re.

The control: Works every time, comfortable, and the trigger makes it fun to use.

The speakers: Sound much better than anticipated. It’s clear, has enough bass inside considering their size. It seems better than anticipated. I don’t even need to use earbuds.

Apps: Programs are somewhat pricier than I believed. I would say on average they are more expensive than the drama or app store. But there is a great deal of free content and programs so you might just wind up buying a few apps if you truly want.

If you look down while wearing it you’ll see your torso a bit. However, I understand why they did so when you’re wearing it, it’ll have ventilation from the eyes so the lens doesn’t become foggy.

My Gear VR I needed to take off every minute to clear the lenses because the warmth from your eyes would make the lens foggy but this doesn’t do this. The solution to the nose gap was to place the headset just a little bit down in my nose. It is not a deal breaker.

I purchased the 64GB version thinking I’ll need the space but there is nowhere that says how much storage you’ve left that is really weird.

I can not discover how much space I’ve already used and what is left over. I’ve hunted around I can’t find it. That is actually odd. I am sure an upgrade will fix this.

As of right now, this Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB is a go and you just cannot go wrong with this purchase for only 250 Dollars and making it one of the ideal gift ideas for parents and elderly and an innovative product for elderly.


MP3 music box for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Imagine an mp3 player for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia? Yes! a product like this does exist.

This simple Music Player is designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia or related ailments. It has just three controls: lift the lid to start the music playing, push the large button for another song, and shut the lid to stop the music.

Volume is controlled by concealed buttons under the apparatus, so users cannot accidentally make the music too soft or too loud. Playing music to individuals with dementia out of their formative years significantly enhances their cognizance and lucidity.

The effects are dramatic and are widely recognized by dementia and Alzheimer professionals. Studies have confirmed the advantages of supplying people who have dementia with songs they recall and the need for easy operation that such people need.

The restorative effect of music therapy greatly enhances the quality of life at home, psychological well-being, and promotes independent living instead of relying on institutional resources.

The favorable effects of songs for those who have dementia are quite outstanding; both for improving the quality of life, especially when living alone, also for its healthy restorative effects on cognizance and lucidity.

A recurring problem nonetheless, has been the problems people with dementia confront when seeking to run modern audio playing gear.

Remembering how controllers operate or manipulation of knobs, non-tactile buttons, along with a range of confusing symbols limit access to the nicely established advantage.

As the personal computer nerd in my family, I had been tasked with searching a music player for my 80-year-old grandmother. She is vision-impaired and pretty forgetful when it comes to utilizing devices.

It seems like this ought to be a simple problem to solve but it isn’t. I spent hours on Amazon reading product reviews and manuals, and more hours going to Best Buy and office supply stores to test their offerings.

Nothing was appropriate. Everything demands many delicate button presses to turn on, select the proper input source, pick the song (so it will not always play the same song first), etc.

After hours of searching, I had the idea to search for”Alzheimer’s music player” and landed on The Simple Music Player. It looked perfect and an ideal gift idea for parents and elderly.

My family originally balked at the cost for something that seems like it should be so straightforward and cheap. But it was actually the only option we had and it was absolutely perfect. My grandma loved it. In the long run, it was money well spent. Five stars, no wonder.

My Grandmom loves it! Had been looking for some method to provide music for my mother with advanced dementia. She cannot follow TV programs but does respond to songs.

She’ll sit and listen to music for hours. We filled her favorite tunes, which she particularly loves. Just be aware that the private music you load will probably perform in the order that you just load it.

You also need to scroll (push a button to go to the next tune ) past the preloaded big band music for to the personal music. This is a slight inconvenience for the great reward of mom’s smiles along with her capacity to recover a few lyrics to sing along with the music.

An Automatic Fall Detection Wearable


I never noticed something of this kind ever existed until I came across an article on the web. I was searching for a similar product for my grandmother and found this on Amazon.

MyNotifi Automatic Fall Detection Wearable 

Demands Utilization of a Smartphone – MyNotifi is a system that stays with you wherever your smartphone goes without any added hassle or gear when leaving the house.

Increased freedom – Exercise can cut the risk of falling. The MyNotifi app is packed with several mobility exercises to improve strength and enhance the range of movement.

Not only for seniors, but Chronic conditions may also raise the risk of falling. MyNotifi can be used to safeguard any loved one with a higher risk of falling.

#The MyNotifi algorithm is trained to be extremely accurate in detecting falls, and autumn notifications provide an exact place
#You can monitor their long-term freedom and range of movement (wristband just ).
#Because falls are detected using the device algorithm, your loved one is going to find the help even if they’re unresponsive
#They are safe, comfy fit with an easy-to-adjust magnetic ring or belt clip that will be discreetly worn on the belt, trousers or undergarment waistband.

#They have a Waterproof design and can be worn in a bathtub
#Available in several stylish colors
#Ask help in ANY emergency scenario by simply tapping on the wristband with your hand or against an object
#Additional exercise features when worn around the wrist (wristband)

It was simple to establish. Everything was ready to go. It’s nice to have both the belt clip option and the wrist ring and you can easily switch between them depending upon the situation and preferences.

Wireless charging is quite NICE, little amenities such as that make a huge difference. I really like getting warning texts myself, along with other relatives, without having to pay for unwanted monitoring, HUGE savings that I appreciate! It’s a great feeling of security to know she’s being monitored, so if something happens we could know right away. LOVE IT and thus one of the ideal gifts ideas for parents and the elderly.


Secure Waterproof Beveled Edge Bedside Fall Safety mat

Slip-resistant mat cover is waterproof, antimicrobial, and features glow-in-the-dark strips Across the edge for nighttime visibility.

Beveled edges minimize the hazard of tripping over the edge of the mat, also Enables wheelchairs and medical equipment to easily roll Across mat.

Mat is slip-resistant on both sides – Mat is Latex-free, mildew-resistant, Fire retardant (meets CA119 standard) – High-impact absorption EVA foam – Tri-Fold With Velcro Strap Closure For Easy Storage.

Independently biomechanically tested and Demonstrated effective – Reduced the risk fo a serious head injury to 0% to Get an 18″ height sideways fall

The low one-inch profile makes it easy for Occupants to step on and off the mat – Dimensions: 38″ x 72″ x 1″ – One Year Warranty

The feedback from one of the user says – This really is the perfect solution to several problems. My husband no more slips when getting up. If anything spills, I wipe this up instead of worrying about stains on the carpet. And though he has not had a fall, it adds padding if needed. I wish I had found this earlier.


Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator

Rollators are a better choice for travel over irregular, outside terrain, making them great for the busy, active lifestyle. And with the built-in padded seat with backrest, are always going to have a handy place to break.

You may consider buying Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support

The backrest can be folded up to get a more streamlined rollator when folded or be completely removed using the brass push-button launch.

The large, removable basket is ideal for carrying your personal items when you are on the move.

The 7.5′ casters are non-marring so they don’t leave black scuff marks on your flooring. It is designed and built for optimum comfort, durability, and ease of use with rapid folding capability.

The handle height is easily adjustable with a spin of the lever and can be locked into position so you have the proper posture when walking.

Deluxe loop locks are easy to use and may be pulled towards you when breaks are required when walking. Only push down the locks until you want to sit down on the rollator to lock the unit into position.

Enhance your freedom –and your quality of life–with a Rollator from Drive.

One of the user reviews says Couch ridden to baking cookies – I had a hip surgery and came home with crutches I couldn’t take a plate of food or a drinking glass when using crutches. The day I got this particular walker, I was rolling up my own water jug around to water plants, I put my small hamper on the seat and hauled my laundry to the machine, and now I put a plate of food onto the chair and rolled it to the couch. Second dayI was able to bake biscuits in the kitchen with the extra stability and transfer power of this rollator walker! I went out of sitting on the couch all day and juggling crutches back and forth to the restroom to really having the ability to get up and proceed as prescribed by my physician. In terms of the walker itself, it seems really sturdy and rolls smooth as butter over my hard flooring and carpets. I expected it to feel a little cheap given the price tag but it’s legit! I love this thing. Photos: 1) while watering plants 2) of cookies this walker enabled me to make and an ideal gifts idea for parents.


Medical Alert Device with Fall Detection

Home&Wellness Belle+ Medical Alert Device with Fall Detection 

When the button is pushed, the professionally trained call center is notified and a live professional will speak through the device anytime day or night. An innovative product for elderly.

When the main reason for contact is established, the call center can inform loved ones with messages, support requests, call emergency practitioners if needed, or even have a friendly dialogue to facilitate isolation.

The call center can notify the son if dad needs help getting out of their chair, notify the kid if mom needs milk picked up from the store, etc..

This isn’t your typical pendant. A mobile program is included to track or check on loved ones anytime from your smart phone. The Belle + can be worn round the neck, inside or outside of the top, stored in a pocket, or even a pouch on the belt.

Light and versatile, this pendant allows seniors the freedom they desire while constantly having someone to get instantly together with the press of a switch.

PRICE INCLUDES FIRST 4 MONTHS OF SERVICE: $34.99 a month after the 4th month.
No Long-term contracts. No perplexing service tiers. No cancellation charges.
BUILT-IN FALL DETECTION: GPS, Wifi, & Cellular Triangulation assist with monitoring and signs. Uses AT&T cellular company, which means that your location can be quickly confirmed in emergencies, wherever you’re.

The Belle+ can be worn in the shower for extra protection in case of drops and slides. 80 percent of falls occur in the bathroom. The device is easily placed in charging cradle and completely charged within 3 hours. No hard to link wires or extended charge times without your device.

A 24/7 help is always at your service and thus you are never alone. Two-way voice speaker connects you straight to a highly trained, professional fast response call center.


Digital Wireless Headphones for TV

A wireless tv headset can be an ideal gift for your parent and the elderly. SIMOLIO Dual Digital Wireless Headphones for TV  is an innovative gift for the elderly and your parent. 

These are specially designed for hearing impaired people watch TV and listen to other sound devices, for many people, they are also the hearing protecting TV headphones that have five core technology that makes you watch tv from anywhere at your home.

The personal noise amplifier operate was created as an added & one of a kind feature to assist hearing impaired people to briefly hear what others are speaking to them when viewing TV.

Press the MIC button at the back of the headphone to pause the TV audio and turn into”personal audio amplifier”. In precisely the exact same time, it is going to amplify the noise. Press it again to come back to the wireless listening purpose. Note: It can not be replaced or used as a hearing aid.

One of the users had to say this regarding the productExcellent sound quality, light weighted, A great bonus for TV watching. Purchased this product for my own parents. My dad was suffering from partial hearing loss. With this particular product, he has no problem watching TV together collectively now! Also, he will watch TV all day long without worrying about the charging process because this item gives a spare battery. Three batteries can be charged and utilized instead. He specifically made a glow to the excellent audio quality and its lightweight.
My mom doesn’t wear the headset a good deal, but she does not need to overlook any part of this Narcos when she’s in the kitchen so…That’s why I purchased this unit with a dual headset.
SIMOLIO is rather a thoughtful seller who provides some videos on youtube including the best way to select their models and some strategies for establishing with different TV systems, be sure to check them out~ Definitely recommend this product and the vendor!

Let’s have a look at what the other user had to say: Great product but minor glitch I bought the product because it provided two headsets, had a balance control and rechargeable battery. I wished to be able to watch TV without having the volume level bothering others. This product did all that. Have been using it for several weeks and it has really helped with all the clarity of the conversations of both regular broadcasts and movies. This week the volume controller on one of those headsets started to act erratically and continues to be an irratation. Not Certain how to go back for warranty repair and am somewhat frustrated because I actually liked this Item.

You can check out this product here.

4-wheel Electric Scooter

Simoner 4 Wheels Travel Power Scooter, Folding Transportable Electric Mobility Scooter Bike Including Batteries-Great Gift for Disabled Seniors Kids Children.

–【4 Wheel Drive】You can take this 4 wheel power scooter to get a 9-mile ride in 4.25 mph maximum speed on a full battery charge. Weight Capacity: This 4 wheel motorized scooter may easily carry a weight of around 100 kg(220lbs). Brakes: Electromagnetic.
–【User Comfort】Comfort whilst you journey is supplied with a height flexible, fully upholstered chair, an infinitely angle-adjustable steering tiller to realize that the best possible driving position and ergonomically designed handlebar using a warm foam grip. -Great Present for Seniors, Elderly, Kids, Children, or People who have legs inconvenient.
–【Security 】Puncture evidence non-marking tires, anti-tip rear wheels, and anti-rollback system security device are added for consumer security. Comfort whilst you ride is provided by a height adjustable, fully upholstered chair, a much angle-adjustable steering tiller to realize that the best possible driving posture and ergonomically designed handlebar with a hot foam grip.
–【Benefits 】The Simoner scooter has an ergonomic floor panel design and also provides maximum legroom compared to other scooters in its category. Height adjustable 360° swivel seat. Flexible angle tiller. Strong puncture proof tires. Useful storage basket on the front. Plus, with a range of around 9 miles, you will not ever have to worry about these longer journeys again.
–【Super Portability】Designed to provide exceptional maneuverability both inside and out, the Simoner Transportable Scooter is a mobile 4mph scooter which separates into 4 simple to manage parts. Providing you the flexibility to choose your scooter wherever you would like to go. Removable seat and foldable tiller let you easily dismantle this scout electric scooter for storage and transportation.

An Advanced Hearing Amplifier

Neosonic Hearing Amplifier Mini RIC, Tiny Yet Powerful Aid Digital Sound Amplifying Devices

You may check out these as a great option for gifting your parents and the elderly.

LIGHT AS A FEATHER – Being discreet and invisible, extremely small and lightweight, you may easily forget you’re wearing it.
✓CRYSTAL CLEAR CONVERSATIONS – using pure digital audio quality with less than 1% distortion, low sound with 8 stations layered sound suppression technology, this aids is the champion of the signal to noise ratio.
✓FOUR LISTENING PROGRAMS (ordinary, noisy, outdoor, meeting) – makes sure you can hear at your best no matter what scenario you’re in.
✓FOUR-CHANNELS PROCESSING – This is the innovative high tech way to boost the audibility of conversations. A single channel would enhance all frequencies with the same amount leading to background noise blocking out voices. You simply need an amplifier which just boosts what you want to listen to, your loved ones and friends. This tiny device is quite durably made with exceptional materials and outstanding reliability. In addition, they provide 30 days money back guarantee. Within 30 days of purchase, regardless of what reason, you can simply return the item for a complete refund. They even pay for the return shipping.


Amplified Captioned Corded Home Telephone for elderly with hearing difficulties

You may check These out as they have a large 7 inches easy to read screen, a voice calls captioning system with 121 db max amplification.

You cannot go wrong with any of these 10 mentioned innovative products for the elderly and they all make an ideal gift for your parents.

Do let me know in the comments section which one did you gift to the beloved elderly in your life.



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    My wife and I are researching options to maintain my mom living in her house without needing to worry way too much about her being on her own. My younger sister and I are usually about an hour away from her home. She is in relatively wonderful health at this moment although getting older. My dad is gone and she is living alone and desires to remain in her house of 36 years which we can completely grasp. We looked at medical alert pendants but they seem ancient with all of the new technology in existence. Is anyone making use of the Alarm.com Wellness product or at the very least have any suggestions? It appears to be fairly reasonably priced and could do the trick maintaining a view over Mom who basically would not wear an emergency pendant!

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