A complete guide on bathroom safety for elderly – Safe home security

safe bathroom for elderly
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Safe home security – ‘Bathroom’

As our parents grow older, we must make proper arrangements for them by building a house that provides them with safety and comfort at the same time.

Bathrooms are one of the many places where chances of accidents are the highest for your elderly parent.

I started worrying about this very recently when there was a mishap which happened at my own house’s bathroom where my elderly grandmother slipped and was badly injured.

Then I realized what grave mistake I had done from my part and when I sat down and gave it a thought, I realized there was actually a lot of things I could have done beforehand to avoid the accident which took place.

Bathroom safety tips for seniors :

Keep your walkway path clear

Firstly I realized I needed to provide them with an ease of access to the bathroom. There should be no furniture blocking their way that leads to the bathroom.

Make sure there are no laundry baskets or shoes lying in the path that leads to the bathroom.

My grandmother uses a wheelchair, and the worst thing I could have done is to narrow the walkway path that leads to the bathroom.

Make your walkway path broader in case your parents or the elderly person uses a wheelchair and in my case, it was my grandmother.

Provide sufficient Lights to the Passage leading to the bathroom

Always have a night light which should be kept ON at night on the way to the bathroom or a battery powered push light may help as well.

I had installed this LED Push Lights with Remote Control that did the trick for me. I installed this in the walkway path and inside the bathroom as well which ensured appropriate lighting.

These come with remote control and a timer function wherein you can set the desired timer. They are easy to stick to the wall and the set which I ordered came with an adhesive that you may use to stick it anywhere including metals. You may find them here.

Make sure the entry point of the bathroom i.e. just when you open the bathroom door, that path should be flat for a smooth entry even the elderly may use a wheelchair to enter the bathroom.

Get a good pair of Anti-slip Slippers

You must get good non-slippery footwear for your elderly parent to make sure they don’t slip in the bathroom. You will find tons of them on Amazon.

Install bathroom grab bars for elderly – Safe home security

The next thing to do is to install a bathroom grab bar for the elderly. You may install one near your bathtub or anywhere you feel it would provide the maximum safety.

There are many cheap grab bars online but I was searching for something which doesn’t look like those fat chunky ones you see in nursing homes.

I was looking for something very durable which can withstand a good amount of weight with some decent looking ones.

These look sleek, modern and very stylish with a brushed nickel finish that will match up to any bathroom exterior.

The bars should be easy to grip and should be sturdy built. An extra hand grip won’t hurt the cause. After a lot of searching online, I found these after reading a lot of reviews I went for it.

These have a special rubber grip on the back which will instantly give you a secured feeling especially with those wet and soapy hands. You can find them here.

The next thing to get is to install a Flip-Up Bathroom Grab Bar. These can be installed  just near the toilet commode

. My mother and my grandmother has arthritis and has an issue with their knees and she had once slipped in the toilet area and had nothing to grab onto.

These provide a lot of protection and can withstand a good amount of pressure.

My grandmother is 210 lbs in weight ( 300 lbs is the weight limit as advertised) and this flip up bar handles her weight with ease.

You should never let your elderly use a towel bar as it is very unsafe and moreover they are only designed to hold towels and not people. They can easily get ripped off from the wall.

Use No Suction cup Bath Mats – Bathroom safety for elderly

If you have a bathtub, make sure to protect the bottom from slips by using No suction cup bath mat . The reason I’m recommending a suction cupped mat because it never damages the tub’s surface and has a strong grip.

They are easy to install and get the one which covers the maximum surface area of the bathtub because that gives you an added security.

suction bath mats are very handy in terms of safety because the elderlies are very much prone to slipping inside the bathtubs and these not only benefit the elderly but everyone in the family.

Another one you also use.

Use a Shower Chair -Bathroom safety for elderly

My grandmother had her knee operated and after the surgery, she was having a lot of difficulty in standing and taking her morning shower.

Even we did not want her to take a bath in a standing position especially after her knee surgery and we were desperately looking for something sturdy that could hold her weight ( she is 210 lbs approx ) and which is safer.

Although I found a lot of cheaper alternative when I went through their review. I was let down after reading a lot of comments in the review section.

So I went on and bought these. These are specially designed for a heavy person.

Make sure your bathroom has proper lightening system and there is no darkness in any part of the bathroom.

Your floors are not wet all the time and the elderly person uses a good anti-slip slipper as I have mentioned before.

Get a Toilet seat Riser -Bathroom safety for elderly

If the elderly person has a bad back which is often the case with many, then you may also consider getting a good toilet seat riser. Toilets are low in height and these provide around additional 3 inches to the original height of the toilet.

These sit under your existing toilet seat and your parents can use them without too much bending. Look out for the one that has a soft comfortable grip handles for extra comfort around the arms.

You can attach these with the toilet screws that come with it and there is an interior lip at the bottom which ensures the toilet seat riser doesn’t slip and provides a secure and tight grip.

Wall to Floor Grab Bar with Support Leg

This bathroom grab bars for the elderly is especially to help the elderly people get to the commode. You must look out for something very sturdy and strong.

This thing is very helpful for the people who have a hard time getting up from the commode and may also provide an added safety near the shower.

I would really advise you to get a plumber to drill the area of installation so that it becomes one hundred percent reliable.

Pain in the knee is very common in elderly and this can be the lifesaver for them. Your knee begins to hurt when you try to get up from the toilet and this grab bar can be really helpful to many.

You may also consider getting this One.

Install a Bathtub Safety Grab Bar -Bathroom safety for elderly

It is of metal and can be tightened to the bathtub securely and it doesn’t slip. You don’t have to be afraid now of your elderly parent getting stuck inside the bathtub for hours.

You can use this to get yourself out of the tub and also use this to get inside as well but it is always safe to keep your point of contact near to you like a cell phone.

I found a very sturdy and cheap one here.



Safe home security – When it comes to safety for our grandparents or our elderly dear ones, we should not hesitate one bit and should go to any extent to provide them a safer place to stay and the bathroom is one of those places where chances of accident happening are maximum.

In this article, I think have covered a lot of things by the use of which you can set up a safe bathroom for your elderly parents.






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